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Our leagues are structured for mature individuals who respect the game and each other.
 We have a league for you whether you are a great player or new to the game.  

The MOFL has 3 Modes For MADDEN 20 Leagues

MOFL Connected Franchise Leagues (Franchise)
The MOFL CFM Leagues currently have 2 leagues, League 1 and League 2.
League 1 is for Elite to Above Average Players of Madden.
League 2 is for Average, Beginners, or Players not very good but love to play.
Each edition of the game there will be 5-6 CFM seasons per edition of the game.
All game and league rules are posted on the MOBL Rules Page.
MOFL Rated Random League (RRL)
If you love to play Madden but do not have time to manage a team in our Connected Franchise Leagues then the Rated Random league is the place for you.
The RRL allows you to play a game whenever you feel like playing Madden using Random teams from websites game generator (Game Generator Link).
It works as follows:
Two MOBL Community Members agree to play a game.
One goes to the MOBL RRL website Game Generator and put there names in and clicks Generate.
A random game will be generated using the RRL game play settings.
The home team invites the opponent to a friends match using the play now friends setting.
After the game the winner fills out the game report GAME REPORT LINK.
Each players RRL Rating gets adjusted for a win or loss.
Stats tracked to the individual players profile are: rating, wins, losses, points for and against, rushing and passing yards for and against, turnovers for and against, and sacks for and against.
Each RRL season will run 6 months beginning April 24th,st 2020 till August 1st, 2020.
At that time the top 16 players with the most games played will draft a team and compete in the MOBL RRL Playoffs.
Winner of the tournament will receive a $50 Play Station Network Gift Card, Runner up a $20 card.
All game and league rules are posted on the MOBL Rules Page.
MOFL Tiered Leagues
The MOFL Tiered League uses the play now mode of Madden.
You will battle with players of equal ability in a league format.

In order to join in on the fun please register at

Once registered a MOBL Administrator will contact you and set you up to play.

 Any questions or comments just email the MOBL Administrators at

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